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Turkish Airlines Strike Compensation

Turkish Airlines strike compensation within Europe.

Which Turkish Airlines flights are eligible? When is compensation available?

Many passengers are uninformed that strikes don’t always fall under extraordinary circumstances. In the event of a strike by Turkish Airlines’ crew (excluding airport staff), resulting in flight delays or cancellations, passengers might be eligible to seek flight compensation from Turkish Airlines. This claim can be made individually or through a flight compensation company.

It’s crucial to remember that EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights leaving from European airports.

1. Turkish Airlines Strike Compensation

The criteria to qualify for Turkish Airlines strike compensation are clear.

The flight should be either delayed or cancelled:

  • The flight delay must be at least 3 hours, calculated from the time the aeroplane doors are opened at the destination, allowing passengers to leave. Passengers may be eligible for flight delay compensation if there’s a delay of 3 or more hours beyond the expected arrival time.
  • The flight cancellation must be at the last minute. This implies that your flight should be cancelled no more than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. In such scenarios, you might be eligible for Turkish Airlines flight cancellation compensation in addition to Turkish Airlines refund for cancellation.

In essence, this isn’t a particular compensation for Turkish Airlines strikes (such compensations do not exist in Europe), but rather compensation for delays or cancellations.

Additionally, bear in mind that Turkish Airlines is not a European airline. Consequently, European regulations only apply to their flights originating from Europe.

What happens if you miss your connecting flight? Turkish Airlines, in such a situation, will provide you with a complimentary replacement flight to help you reach your destination. They bear this responsibility. For flights originating from Europe, passengers are entitled to a right to care, and in some instances, missed connecting flight compensation.

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

1.1 Extraordinary Circumstances

Remember that strikes by airline staff are not included in extraordinary circumstances.

Just like technical issues and staff shortages aren’t considered extraordinary circumstances.

However, airlines often classify a delay or cancellation as an extraordinary circumstance, even when it’s not. It’s recommended to seek clarification from the airline in case of a flight delay or cancellation.

Airlines may indicate that a delay or cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances, even when it’s not, to avoid paying compensation. Airlines are exempted from paying in extraordinary circumstances, which is why it is important to verify the airline’s information before accepting it. It is recommended to carefully review all details about flight compensation and refunds.

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1.2 Right to Care

If your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked, you have a right to care.

This means that you are entitled to certain free services. For example, if you have to wait at the airport for three hours or more, you may be entitled to a free meal and beverage. Additionally, if the delay lasts more than three hours into the night, you could be eligible for free lodging and airport transfers.

If you have not received any help, please contact Turkish Airlines representatives at the airport.

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

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2. How to Claim Turkish Airlines Strike Compensation?

How to claim Turkish Airlines strike compensation?

There are two ways how you can claim flight compensation.

To independently claim compensation for a Turkish Airlines strike, you can contact Turkish Airlines directly through their website and ask for compensation via their customer service team. However, this method can be time-consuming and may require negotiation to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Alternatively, you might consider opting for the easier path — legal representation.

To bypass all hurdles, you can opt for legal help to settle your concerns. There are companies in Europe that specialise in compensation for flight-related problems and can handle everything on your behalf. All you need to do is fill out a single form, the compensation claim form.

Our partners offer such services.

When choosing this option, here is all you will have to do:

Go to
this page

Fill in a claim form

Upload documents*

Sign online

And that’s it — the rest is handled by professionals.

* Your boarding pass and passport or ID copy.

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2.1 How Long Does It Take?

What’s the expected timeframe for receiving compensation?

Usually, the process takes at least 2-3 months. Lately, there have been more cases where the process takes longer, particularly if you make a claim on your own and the airline decides to reject it.

It’s not a quick process, so be prepared for it to take time.

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3. How Much Can You Claim?

How much is Turkish Airlines strike compensation?

The compensation amounts are fixed and range from €250 to €600.

These amounts are regulated by EU laws.

Here is how you can calculate the compensation due from Turkish Airlines:

When your destination is within the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km

When your destination is outside the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km


If the distance of your flight is more than 3,500 km

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

3.1 Turkish Airlines Voucher Refund or Cash?

Many airlines, including Turkish Airlines, may offer vouchers as a form of compensation.

It is a common practice for airlines to offer vouchers instead of cash refunds and compensation, as it is more economically viable for them. However, passengers have the right to refuse the voucher and request a cash or bank transfer refund instead. According to EU regulations, it is important to always demand compensation in the form of cash or bank transfers, as this is the appropriate way to receive compensation and refunds from airlines.

Nevertheless, remember that Turkish Airlines is not an EU airline. Therefore, EU regulations only apply to their flights departing from Europe.

Turkish Airlines Strike Compensation: FAQ

My flight was very cheap. It was a holiday sale. Can I still get full flight delay compensation?

Yes, absolutely — you can.

That’s because the amount of the compensation is fixed. Hence the price of the ticket doesn’t matter. Even if your flight was only 20 or 30 euro, you can still get up to 600 euro from the airline. Remember — you are paid for the inconvenience.

What if I don’t have travel insurance?

For this compensation you don’t need an insurance.

All thanks to the Regulation EC 261/2004 (and Regulation UK261). That is also one of the reasons why these laws have been created — to protect all air travellers equally. If your flight is 3+ hours late at the destination, you may have a right to flight delay compensation from Turkish Airlines.

You don’t need travel insurance for this.

Can my child get compensation from Turkish Airlines?

Yes, 100%.

The age doesn’t matter, same like the price of the ticket and insurance. If the flight is late, all passengers have equal rights to care from the airline and compensation for delay. The same rules apply also to infants without a dedicated seat.

As of 2020 rules are the same also in the UK.

Can I claim compensation for someone else? How it works?

Yes, you can.

Even if you weren’t on that flight yourself.

There is only one but. But you have to have a boarding pass and passport or ID copy. And the person you are claiming for will still have to sign the claim. Apart from that, yes, you can file a claim for delayed flight for another person.

How far back can I claim compensation? What about 2-3 year old flights?

It depends on the laws of the country.

Mostly 2-3 year old flights will be okay. You should definitely try to make a claim and / or let the professionals check the flight. But, of course, the sooner you make a claim, the better.

What to do if Turkish Airlines is refusing to pay compensation?

Turkish Airlines is refusing to pay compensation.

There are two best options, how you can proceed. You can hand over the case to a flight compensation company, for them to continue the negotiations with the airline. 

Or, you can contact the national enforcement body of the country your flight was from. There are national enforcement bodies in all the EU Member states.

EU – Non-EU Flights, Tourists From Abroad

I’m flying to the EU from a country outside the EU. Can I get UK/EU flight delay compensation?

If you’re flying with Turkish Airlines then no, you can’t.

But remember this — here we are speaking only about European flight compensation regulations (Regulation 261/2004 and UK261). Some other regulations may apply to your flight, and you may have a right to compensation. When it comes to European laws, with Turkish Airlines, you are protected only on flights departing from Europe. 

I’m flying from the EU to a country outside the EU. Can I get UK/EU flight delay compensation?

Yes, you can. 

The same applies to all Turkish Airlines flights from the UK.

I am not a European citizen. Can I get compensation?


The UK Regulation UK261 and Regulation 261/2004 protect all passengers. In this case your nationality doesn’t matter. Everyone has the same rights.

Other Situations

Turkish Airlines provided me with a free hotel room and a free alternative flight to my destination. Can I still get compensated for the delay?

Yes, if the flight departed from the EU / UK. 

Because in this case, you are entitled to both right to care and a new flight to your destination. You can receive all of this — that’s the rules in Europe. 

Turkish Airlines took me to my destination. Can I still get compensation?

Did you arrive late? Was it at least 3 hours later than planned?

If the answer is yes to both, you might be entitled to flight delay compensation from Turkish Airlines. As long as the flight was from Europe and it was delayed due to airline’s fault.

Have you ever had an experience with Turkish Airlines strike compensation or flight refund? Do you still have questions about Turkish Airlines compensation policies? Ask in the comments.

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