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Turkish Airlines Missed Connection Compensation

Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation.

What happens if you miss your connecting flight? Can you get compensation?

If you miss a connecting Turkish Airlines flight, you may be eligible for compensation. The amount you can claim depends on your specific situation. Your eligibility for compensation is not affected by your nationality, ticket price, or travel insurance level. This is because Turkish Airlines must follow certain regulations set by the EU. Keep in mind that these EU regulations only apply to Turkish Airlines flights departing from Europe.

You can choose to make the claim by yourself or hire professionals to assist you.

1. EU Missed Flight Connection Compensation

Can you get Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation?

If your connecting flight with Turkish Airlines is missed, there is a chance you could qualify for compensation. The applicable regulations in such cases are straightforward.

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

1.1 Missed Connecting Flight Due to Delay: Compensation

If you fail to make a connecting flight as a result of a delay with your initial Turkish Airlines flight, you might be eligible for compensation under EU laws.

If the delay is due to the airline, you could claim up to €600 if your flight departs from Europe. Since Turkish Airlines is not a European airline, this regulation is only applicable to Turkish Airlines flights that leave from Europe. Legally, the phrase “Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation” doesn’t exist as it falls under the same category as Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation.

For a successful claim for Turkish Airlines flight compensation, you must arrive at your final destination 3 or more hours later than originally planned. In short, compensation can be achieved if:

  • The delay is 3+ hours (ascertained at arrival time);
  • Turkish Airlines is at fault;
  • Flight is from Europe.

The same rules apply to Turkish Airlines connecting flights. It’s important to note that in this scenario, your final destination is the ultimate airport (not any of the intermediate stopover airports).

Take this situation for instance. You have a connecting flight with Turkish Airlines from Madrid to Bangkok via Istanbul. Your final destination is Bangkok. Istanbul is just a stopover airport. If you get to Bangkok 3 or more hours late because of the airline’s fault, you’re due compensation for the missed connection flight for the entire “Madrid – Bangkok” trip.

Don’t forget to submit a compensation claim!

1.2 Missing a Connecting Flight Due to Cancellation

If your Turkish Airlines flight is cancelled and it causes a delay of 3 hours or more in reaching your final destination, you may be eligible for compensation from Turkish Airlines. To qualify, the cancellation must be the airline’s responsibility and the journey must originate from Europe. The compensation amount, which can be up to €600, depends on the flight distance.

To summarize, you can claim compensation for a missed connection with Turkish Airlines if:

  • The delay or cancellation of the prior flight was Turkish Airlines’ fault;
  • The delay in reaching your final destination was 3+ hours;
  • The flight is departing from Europe.

Don’t forget to submit a compensation claim!

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

1.3 What About Self-Transfer Flights With Turkish Airlines?

For journeys with self-transfers (i.e., flights booked separately), the aforementioned rules do not apply. If one of your flights is delayed or cancelled, you will not receive any compensation for the other independently booked flight.

For instance, let’s say you’ve booked a flight with Turkish Airlines and another with Ryanair. If Turkish Airlines cancels their flight, you may be eligible for compensation specifically from Turkish Airlines. However, please note that Turkish Airlines is not responsible for your Ryanair flight and won’t offer any assistance in case you miss it.

Keep this in mind when arranging separate flight bookings.

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

2. Extraordinary Circumstances

These refer to situations that are beyond the control of Turkish Airlines.

In these unexpected situations, there is no obligation for compensation. Unpredictable scenarios can include severe weather conditions, political instability, or a global health crisis. It is advisable to verify any provided information. It is always a good idea to double-check reimbursement and compensation details to avoid being misled by the airline.

Alternatively, it could be helpful to consult a flight compensation company to review your case and ensure you have accurate information. For example, mechanical issues with the aircraft are generally the airline’s responsibility and do not qualify as extraordinary circumstances, despite conflicting statements from certain airlines.

Situations that are not considered extraordinary circumstances:

3. Right to Care (from Turkish Airlines)

If you find yourself stranded at the airport due to a flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding, or a missed connection, you have a right to care.

In such instances, Turkish Airlines is obligated to assist you while you await an alternate flight. Furthermore, in the case of a missed connection, Turkish Airlines must offer a complimentary replacement flight, provided it wasn’t your fault.

Speaking of assistance, if your time at the airport extends beyond three hours due to a delay, you are eligible to receive assistance from Turkish Airlines.

  • After a 3-hour wait, Turkish Airlines is required to offer you free meals and beverages relative to the waiting time, along with two free calls, emails, or faxes.
  • In case of an overnight delay, a free hotel stay must also be provided, along with a complimentary airport transfer.

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

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4. How to Claim Turkish Airlines Flight Compensation?

How to claim Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation?

There are two methods how to claim Turkish Airlines compensation.

Your first option is to reach out to Turkish Airlines directly. You can visit their website and contact their customer support centre to request compensation for your flight. However, remember that this process can be taxing and may require negotiation with Turkish Airlines to guarantee the compensation you are entitled to. Having evidence illustrating your delay at your destination can be advantageous.

Your second, more effortless option is to get legal representation.

With this method, you will have legal professionals overseeing all aspects of your claim. Our partners offer such services – details below.

When choosing this option, here is all you will have to do:

Go to
this page

Fill in a claim form

Upload documents*

Sign online

And that’s it — the rest is handled by professionals.

* Your boarding pass and passport or ID copy.

4.1 How Long Does It Take To Get Compensation?

What is the usual time taken to receive compensation from an airline?

Typically, it might take at least a few months to receive compensation.

If your case needs to be escalated to a national enforcement body or court, the process may take an additional few months, and in some cases, up to six months more.

Several factors can influence the time taken to receive compensation. If an airline promptly acknowledges your claim and agrees to pay compensation, the process can be faster. However, if the airline disputes your claim, it may take longer, and you may need to go through a lengthy legal process to receive compensation.

Moreover, the complexity of your case may impact the time it takes to receive compensation.

Each case is unique.

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

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5. How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

How much is Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation?

The compensation sum is pre-determined and ranges from €250 to €600.

Keep in mind that your destination is the final stop, and you should calculate compensation based on the entire distance travelled.

Here is how you can calculate the amount of your Turkish Airlines flight compensation:

When your destination is within the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km

When your destination is outside the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km


If the distance of your flight is more than 3,500 km

There’s one exception. When the distance is 3500 kilometres or more and you reach your destination 3 to 4 hours later, you are entitled to compensation of €300, not €600. If the delay is longer than 4 hours, you will get full compensation of €600.

5.1 Turkish Airlines Voucher Refund or Cash?

There is a chance that Turkish Airlines might offer you a voucher instead of cash compensation.

However, you have the right to decline a voucher and opt for bank transfer compensation instead. It’s crucial to understand that airlines are legally required to provide compensation and refunds in cash or bank transfer, and not in the form of vouchers or coupons, according to European law.

Keep in mind that EU regulations only apply to Turkish Airlines flights from Europe. If your Turkish Airlines flight departs from a third country, accepting vouchers as compensation or refund may be your only option.

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6. What Is a Connecting Flight?

A connecting flight is a journey where the traveller doesn’t go directly to their final destination.

Instead, they take two or more flights with pauses at one or more airports along the route. This means that instead of flying directly from location A to location B, they make a stop at location C, and there may be additional stops. The time spent at these interim airports between flights is called a layover if it’s less than 24 hours. Beyond this, it is referred to as a stopover.

Opting for a connecting flight might be due to the absence of a direct route, or because the connecting flight is more economical.

Generally, connecting flights fall into two categories:

  1. airline-protected transfers,
  2. self-transfer flights.

6.1 Airline-Protected Transfer

How can you know if your transfer is airline-protected?

  1. You’ve booked a connecting flight, through either the airline itself or a third-party provider like Kiwi, eDreams, or Expedia.
  2. Your complete journey, comprising two or more flights, is assigned one booking reference number by the airline itself. Please be aware that the reference number should come from the airline, not the travel agent. You can use this reference number to conveniently manage your entire travel itinerary on the airline’s website.

6.2 Self Transfer

What distinguishes a self-transfer flight?

  1. If your trip includes multiple flights that were purchased separately, it’s a self-transfer flight.
  2. If each flight in your travel plan has its own distinct booking number, you have a self-transfer flight.
  3. If each flight’s payment was transacted individually, it’s a self-transfer.

Distinguishing between self-transfer and airline-protected connecting flights can be challenging. To differentiate, check your flight tickets. If each segment of your journey has a different booking number or reference, it’s likely a self-transfer flight. Online travel agencies such as Kiwi or Expedia also indicate if the flight is a self-transfer.

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7. Missed Connection

The term ‘missed connection’ is used when a flyer is unable to board their subsequent flight.

This could be due to various factors, like a delayed or cancelled preceding flight, or a very short transit duration. Specifically, if your layover length is around 1 hour, it’s highly possible that you won’t be able to make it to your next flight.

It’s important to mention that airlines often help passengers who can’t catch their connecting flights due to delays or cancellations. If you don’t mind arriving at your destination later than expected, a delay could actually be advantageous. It may make you eligible for compensation of up to 600 euros per person.

Did a cancelled or delayed flight result in a missed connection?

7.1 Missed Airline-Protected Transfer

For passengers, choosing an airline-protected transfer is the most secure option.

If you couldn’t board your connecting flight owing to circumstances beyond your control, the airline provides aid and protection.

Should flight cancellations or delays result in a missed connection, passengers are protected and may be entitled to compensation. Normally, the airline will arrange a new flight for you. If the next flight is rescheduled for the next day, they might provide a free hotel stay. To resolve the issue, communicate with the airline’s representatives at the airport.

What about reimbursement or flight compensation?

Refunds are usually not provided for a missed flight. However, if the EU Regulation 261/2004 covers your flight, you might be eligible for compensation for the entire journey. This is similar to flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation.

Don’t forget to lodge a compensation claim!

As Turkish Airlines is a non-European airline, these EU regulations apply only to Turkish Airlines flights departing from the EU and the UK.

7.2 Missed Self-Transfer Flight

A self-transfer means booking multiple flights independently.

What happens if you miss your self-transfer connection? If any of the standalone flights in your schedule are delayed by 3 or more hours, or cancelled, or if you are denied boarding, you might be eligible for compensation for that specific flight. However, none of the airlines involved will be responsible for your entire journey or any missed connections.

For instance, imagine you have a flight with Ryanair to Frankfurt, which we’ll call “flight 1.” After a three-hour layover, you have another flight with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, which we’ll call “flight 2.” If flight 1 is delayed or cancelled, causing you to miss your connecting flight, neither airline is responsible for the missed connection.

If flight 1 is delayed significantly (3+ hours), you might be eligible for compensation from Ryanair. If there’s a last-minute cancellation, you might be entitled to a new flight, refund, and compensation from Ryanair for flight 1, according to ‎Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.

However, if as a result you miss your Turkish Airlines flight, you will need to buy a new flight to your destination (Istanbul, in this instance). Neither Ryanair nor Turkish Airlines will offer any compensation for Flight 2, and no compensation will be provided for a missed flight connection.

The same holds true for the Turkish Airlines flight – flight 2. If it’s delayed or cancelled at the last minute, you may be eligible for compensation for this one particular flight. However, if it’s cancelled at the last minute and you are scheduled for an earlier flight that you can’t make, you will have to handle the situation yourself.

If you have missed flight insurance, contact your insurance provider. Depending on the situation, they might be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My flight was very cheap. It was a holiday sale. Can I still get full flight delay compensation?

Yes, absolutely — you can.

That’s because the amount of the compensation is fixed. Hence the price of the ticket doesn’t matter. Even if your flight was only 20 or 30 euro, you can still get up to 600 euro from the airline. Remember — you are paid for the inconvenience.

What if I don’t have travel insurance?

For this compensation you don’t need an insurance.

All thanks to the Regulation EC 261/2004 (and Regulation UK261). That is also one of the reasons why these laws have been created — to protect all air travellers equally. If your flight is 3+ hours late at the destination, you may have a right to flight delay compensation from Turkish Airlines.

You don’t need travel insurance for this.

Can my child get compensation from Turkish Airlines?

Yes, 100%.

The age doesn’t matter, same like the price of the ticket and insurance. If the flight is late, all passengers have equal rights to care from the airline and compensation for delay. The same rules apply also to infants without a dedicated seat.

As of 2020 rules are the same also in the UK.

Can I claim compensation for someone else? How it works?

Yes, you can.

Even if you weren’t on that flight yourself.

There is only one but. But you have to have a boarding pass and passport or ID copy. And the person you are claiming for will still have to sign the claim. Apart from that, yes, you can file a claim for delayed flight for another person.

How far back can I claim compensation? What about 2-3 year old flights?

It depends on the laws of the country.

Mostly 2-3 year old flights will be okay. You should definitely try to make a claim and / or let the professionals check the flight. But, of course, the sooner you make a claim, the better.

What to do if Turkish Airlines is refusing to pay compensation?

Turkish Airlines is refusing to pay compensation.

There are two best options, how you can proceed. You can hand over the case to a flight compensation company, for them to continue the negotiations with the airline. 

Or, you can contact the national enforcement body of the country your flight was from. There are national enforcement bodies in all the EU Member states.

EU – Non-EU Flights, Tourists From Abroad

I’m flying to the EU from a country outside the EU. Can I get UK/EU flight delay compensation?

If you’re flying with Turkish Airlines then no, you can’t.

But remember this — here we are speaking only about European flight compensation regulations (Regulation 261/2004 and UK261). Some other regulations may apply to your flight, and you may have a right to compensation. When it comes to European laws, with Turkish Airlines, you are protected only on flights departing from Europe. 

I’m flying from the EU to a country outside the EU. Can I get UK/EU flight delay compensation?

Yes, you can. 

The same applies to all Turkish Airlines flights from the UK.

I am not a European citizen. Can I get compensation?


The UK Regulation UK261 and Regulation 261/2004 protect all passengers. In this case your nationality doesn’t matter. Everyone has the same rights.

Turkish Airlines Delayed Flight > Missed Connection

What will happen to my checked baggage if I miss my Turkish Airlines connecting flight?

If it’s an airline-protected transfer, the airline will take care of your baggage.

Turkish Airlines will book you on another flight to replace the missed one.

In addition to that, the airline will transfer your baggage to that new flight.

Learn more: Lost baggageDelayed baggageDamaged baggage

I have missed my Turkish Airlines connecting flight due to bad weather. Can I get compensation for this flight disruption?

No, because it’s not the airline’s fault.

Weather conditions are considered “extraordinary circumstances”, events that the airline can’t control. If you miss your connecting flight because the previous flight was delayed or cancelled because of inclement weather or other extraordinary circumstances, you are not entitled to flight compensation from the airline.

However, you will still be given a new flight to your destination for free.

You have a right to care, too.

Flight Cancellations

What happens if my flight is cancelled more than 2 weeks before departure, and I miss my connecting flight?

Is it an airline-protected connecting flight?

If it a protected connecting flight, the airline will ask you to choose a new flight (free of charge). And if that means missing your connection because of that, you can also choose a new connecting flight (also for free). If you can’t make changes yourself, contact Turkish Airlines.

As it isn’t a last-minute cancellation, you can’t get flight cancellation compensation.

You can’t get a new flight for free if it’s a self transfer.

Other Situations

Turkish Airlines provided me with a free hotel room and a free alternative flight to my destination. Can I still get compensated for the delay?

Yes, if the flight departed from the EU / UK. 

Because in this case, you are entitled to both right to care and a new flight to your destination. You can receive all of this — that’s the rules in Europe. 

Turkish Airlines took me to my destination. Can I still get compensation?

Did you arrive late? Was it at least 3 hours later than planned?

If the answer is yes to both, you might be entitled to flight delay compensation from Turkish Airlines. As long as the flight was from Europe and it was delayed due to airline’s fault.

Have you ever missed a connection? Was it a connecting flight with Turkish Airlines? Share your experience. Do you have any questions about Turkish Airlines missed connection compensation policies? Ask in the comments.